Who We Are

Call it mid-life crises, call it passion, call it what you may - but it was just a Facebook conversation.

When a group of seasoned professionals got together to agree that age is not in their control, and that with every passing day it was getting more difficult to plunge into their dream-world of entrepreneurship, Confiance took birth.

We were new. Our heart wanted to say a lot while our brains wanted to keep it short and simple. We have since learnt how to strike a balance in our communications with the external world.

That’s what we take to our customers:

What to say, when to say, how to say, and(most importantly) what not to say.

CONFIANCE - as the name suggests, has the sole focus on building trust - trust on behalf of our customers, the trust of our customers in us - trust through Tech-Enabled Communication.

We have gladly taken up a challenge of bringing disruption in the industry. We do not want to be an advertising agency, good at creative design, but be wanting in technology competency. Neither do we want to be an IT development house, which can develop technical systems, but not weave stories.

What We Are
  • Good Listeners - Our experience across domains, geographies, cultures etc. tells us that every organisation is unique. We need to be attentive to what you have to say.
  • Provider of Unique Solutions - The world does not function on a template, neither do you, nor our solutions.

    What We Are Not
  • Ordinary - we don’t do something that everyone else is already doing.
  • Boring - we don’t give you the same old ideas and methods, claiming to be innovative.
  • Trivial - we don’t just aim for revenue numbers, but also towards making an impact.