Marketing & Advertising

What you do makes a difference. It is onto you how much difference you want to make.

And that drives your intended audience reach. Marketing is no longer driven by just the process. It is about awareness and engagement. It is about targeting the right audience at the right time.

From another perspective, the basic grammar of advertising has also changed drastically with growing popularity of digital media. High budget commercial ads are being forced to make way for those of less budget. Sponsored micro-films are going viral. Major innovations crop up every day.

Repackaging the old concepts in a new digital wrapper will only make you fall on your face.

But again, you need to keep in mind that the core of the human mind has not changed. We still grab attention by targeting one of the sense organs, though the ears might have exchanged positions with the eyes in the priority list. And customers love personalised communication. Not broadcasts.

Confiance brings in the unique blend of convergence solutions, where old meets the new, traditional merges with the modern, print/outdoor media blend into digital media.

Advertisements may grab eyeballs, but if you are not driving engagement, if the content is not getting shared by the unknown, it is a sure recipe for failure, however deep your pockets are.