Digital Communication

Do you need a website? Static or dynamic?

Do you need a mobile app? Or will a responsive website serve the purpose?

Do you need a custom content delivery solution? Or will a template suffice?

Is it necessary to budget for SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM? What are they, after all?

The list of questions run long, but can be wrapped up in two. How exactly should you communicate with the external world? How much of technology is necessary for that?

Just because it is available does not mean that you need it. Other than economic reasons, sometimes it is also counterproductive

Do not start a sales channel that you cannot maintain. Do not initiate a business if your backend processes are not ready. For example Enabling Sales eCommerce is easy to implement (there are many applications readily available). The actual fun starts when inventory, delivery, returns, promotions all start playing their role.

Confiance helps you take a holistic view of your business and enable you just to the right level. We firmly believe that there is an audience/customer for all. It just needs to be done right. There is no need to give in to peer pressure.

How one weaves the business goals into content creation so that it syncs with the narrative,is of utmost importance. Only then comes the tech part which becomes the final and composite messenger of the whole exercise. The strength of your message is determined by the strength of your content.

After all, technology is just an enabler. Let it not drive how you do your business.