Organisation Readiness

It always begins at home. But typically, is given least importance.

You can’t embrace the new digital mode of communication if your team writes instant messages as emails, or start using smileys in official letters.

Communication modes and media should always be in sync. Commercial incentives can never be a compelling reason to decide on communication strategies. It requires meticulous exploration of your environment, analytical realisation of the benefit profiles, and persistent leadership to achieve them.

You can only be successful if the communication strategies are adapted as an organic part of your organisation culture.

But, don't be in doubt. It does not happen overnight.

Awareness, Understanding and Acceptance of a new culture takes time and non-disruptive strategies. After all, any dip in core process performance is hardly acceptable for any business.

Confiance handholds organisations through the transition from traditional forms and modes of communication, to align with the agile modern world. We help your team be your brand ambassador, while ensuring that proper limits are defined through policy.

And yes, it starts from the TOP BOSS!!! If you want your digital communication channels to work and your digital marketing efforts to deliver, Sir, you need to have your social media presence in place.